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Welcome to the web site of Haunted Southampton Ltd.

Haunted Southampton is a event company formed back in 2009 by three family members who shared a passion for all things Paranormal. From the start our aim was to provide events that were open, honest and founded on fact as much as possible. Research in the field of Life after Death is not an exact science, but we try to help our guests to form their own conclusions based upon their own experiences. We often work with Psychic Mediums in order to try and get a balanced view of any phenomena on the night. The phrase 'Let's see what happens!' has become our byline. Why not dip a toe into the unexplained and spend an evening with us!




We're back!

Here we go! Our first investigation of the new season will find us returning to the Solent Sky Museum. Both staff and visitors have reported the sound of running feet, and at night the museum takes on a completely different atmosphere. On the 11th October 2014 we will be returning for what is our fourth visit, to continue our Paranormal Project and as well as our usual experiments we will be undergoing controlled exercises to encourage the ghostly visitors to come out and play! NOW SOLD OUT 

In November we were planning to attend Northwood House in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight but due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel that event. We were gutted as the manager himself had invited us back, but events had conspired against us and the Board had decided that for the moment they were not holding any more Paranormal events. BUT! after much discussion they have relented, and we are now taking bookings for an overnight investigation on 14th November! We are extremely privileged to be the only group to be invited back - so get your bags packed!


We are also rearranging the 'Psychic and Science' night to be held at Burley Manor in the New Forest - so if you are more interested in the Spiritual side of Paranormal Investigation, then this might be for you. And you don't have to stay up all night! Please watch the website for more details.


GHOST WALKS:  Our Ghost Walks of Old Southampton recommence on Friday 17th October. Join myself and Derek from 7pm at the Bargate as we wander the streets of the Old Town and learn a little more about Southampton's bloody past! 



Pete Collins, our founding member who we sadly lost on April 2nd 2014, dreamt of running the Ghost Walks and Investigations, and it has only been possible because of the wonderful support and encouragement of each and everyone of those who have joined us over the last six years or so. We aim to continue his work in a way he would be proud of, and want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you have shown to us here. You know who you are!

                            Thank you! 


Best Wishes Juliet Collins. Director and Paranormal Investigator
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Have you got a ghost story to tell ? We would love to hear from you! Your home or place of work have odd unexplainable things occur? If so and you would like us to take a look (try and stop us!)            contact Juliet -  enquiry@hauntedsouthampton.com
 or call on   
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Solent Sky Investigation Project: We are back on track with our next investigation being on 20th September 2014. Please check our events page for details.

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